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Amadeus Indetzki

Amadeus is known for his musical works on documentaries, feature films and production music for which he works together with international labels such as Warner/Chappell or Hans Zimmer's Bleeding Fingers Music.


Since 2022 Amadeus has started working closely with composer Christian Heschl for whom he has written one track for National Geographic Societies documentary "Super Reefs - A Pristine Seas Film", which was recorded in Budapest. The documentary will be published in 2023 on Disney+. Further, Amadeus wrote one track for the nature documentary "Magische Momente der Natur", a German production by ARTE. More projects are currently in the works.


Besides writing additional Music, Amadeus has gained experience in scoring documentaries and feature films as lead composer. He wrote the full score for the travel documentary Biking Borders in 2021, produced by FilmCrew Media, and released on Netflix & Amazon Prime. Since 2022 he started working with German director Jakob Gisik on a full length feature film.


Since 2021 Amadeus has started writing for video games and wrote additional music for NCsofts MMORPG mobile Game Lineage2M and another yet to be released game.


Next to custom scoring, Amadeus writes production music and trailer music for multiple TV and trailer music labels, such as Warner/Chappell or Hans Zimmer's Bleeding Fingers Music and has released more than 20 albums as of today.

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